Benefits of HD Over Coax

Benefits of HD Over Coax

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For years now, many individuals and companies setting up video surveillance systems have relied on closed-circuit television, or CCTV, to get the job done. It has allowed people to keep a close eye on their homes, businesses, and more, and there are many banks, schools, casinos, airports, restaurants, and other venues that continue to utilize CCTV today. However, there is a new way to do surveillance and it involves using what is called high definition over coax. It’s already proving to be more beneficial than CCTV, and if you are setting up a video surveillance system, you should consider using it.

Benefits of HD over coax

HD over coax is a newer video standard that allows you to transmit high-definition video by using coaxial cables. This is obviously very helpful when it comes to surveillance systems, because it will give you the opportunity to monitor everything in HD. The technology continues to get better and better, but in general, you will get access to video with 720p HD and 1080p Full-HD resolution when you go with HD over coax. This will make the videos you view significantly clearer, and it will make it much easier for you to monitor everything in your home or business.

How does HD over coax work?

Although HD over coax is a big step up from CCTV, it’s not terribly difficult to understand how it works. HD over coax takes digital signals and converts them into analog signals once you start using it, allowing for the transmission of HD quality videos. You don’t need to install a lot of new cables, either, as HD over coax allows you to use the coaxial cables you already have in place to eliminate all of the usual setup costs associated with installing an HD system. HD over coax cameras are also designed to be installed the same way standard analog cameras are, so you can get your HD over coax system up and running in no time.

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Important Facts about Surveillance Cameras

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Surveillance cameras have been around since 1942 when the first one, invented by Walter Burch, was installed at a rocket launch site in Peenemunde, Germany. It wasn’t long after that that banks installed them to help prevent and solve crime. Since then, the growth of the surveillance industry has been fast and furious, and they are now used in all government buildings and offices, as well as in high traffic areas in cities.

For businesses, including retail stores, and restaurants, surveillance cameras are necessary. Most shoppers and diners know that there is surveillance nowadays, and so crime prevention has been much better. But surveillance also helps in solving crimes by providing images of robberies, assaults, traffic accidents, and murders.

Surveillance cameras are also used in public places like airports, and train and bus stations. It is said that in the UK, for every 14 persons, there is 1 surveillance camera. Cameras are monitored in special monitoring stations 24/7 so there are images in real time of potential crimes.

Many times, surveillance cameras are used in industrial complexes, in places where it is not safe to enter, or entry is forbidden, like nuclear plants and chemical plants. In some of these environments thermographic cameras are also used to monitor the temperatures in these high-risk areas.

Unfortunately, criminals also use surveillance cameras to track the comings and goings of people in businesses, restaurants, convenience stores, and residential areas. So those businesses, homeowners, and industries have to do their utmost to stay several steps ahead of potential crime.

Surveillance is here to stay. Those who cry “invasion of privacy” will have to make their peace with this truth. The world’s emotional and political climates have forced this fact upon us. For businesses, due diligence is absolutely necessary for the prevention of crime.