HD-CVI Camera Surveillance in Maryland

Shore Home Solutions provides video surveillance cameras to Maryland & Washington D.C. business owners through HD-CVI and IP camera technology.

Regardless of whether you own an office building, local convenience store or a warehouse filled with goods and supplies, utilizing a quality camera surveillance system can help to protect your building, employees and inventory.

HD-CVI cameras, in particular, are closed-circuit television systems that rely heavily on strategic placement. When placed around the perimeter of a building, behind a register or in a high-traffic area, HD-CVI cameras capture high-resolution footage. This technology is actually better than your standard CCTV system because you get an HD picture from each camera while still utilizing the existing CCTV cabling. Not only will this keep you from having to rewire your existing system, but it will make upgrades a breeze when the time comes.

IP Camera Surveillance for Businesses

Surveillance cameras that utilize IP camera technology, such as PTZ cameras, are some of the most powerful options available because they provide resolution quality that surpasses HD. With the acronym standing for Pan-Tilt-Zoom, PTZ camera surveillance systems do exactly as the name suggests, capturing 360-degrees of footage.

Unlike many other cameras that are limited by their placement, the PTZ camera’s maneuverability makes it all the more versatile. Say for instance an intruder enters your warehouse late at night. While other cameras may be able to capture the instance that the intruder passes in front of the lense, a PTZ camera will immediately be triggered to follow and record his actions as he moves throughout the space.

While IP camera technology is certainly one of the top options for surveillance purposes, it is not the only option. Allow Shore Home Solutions to help you choose the right camera surveillance system for your business in Maryland or the Washington D.C. area. We’ll walk you through the specs for various HD-CVI and IP cameras and help you decide on the best system for your needs and budget. Call at 410-878-2448, or reach out to us by email at [email protected] today.

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