High-End Outdoor Lighting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

At Shore Home Solutions we love taking pride in our work, so delivering the best outdoor lighting systems on the planet was the only way to go for us. We always have clients who are installing outdoor lighting, paying the landscaper to run “direct burial” cabling to each of the lights, and then repairing and replacing the cables as they cut through them while landscaping. We set out to find a better way, and we did! With the Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting systems that we sell and install for homes in Ocean City, Easton, Annapolis, and throughout the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, you don’t have to worry about that because Coastal Source uses a patented technology to create the cabling as well as the connectors on their lights. You can find out more about this revolutionary technology on the Coastal Source homepage by clicking this link: https://www.coastalsource.com/


Why Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting Systems?

The reasons to invest in landscape lighting design are both aesthetic and practical. Light brings beauty, safety, and security to your gardens.

Practically speaking, the amount of time you can spend enjoying your outdoor space is limited to daylight hours. Lighting your garden opens up possibilities. Your garden is a different place at night. It sounds different. It looks different.

Well-designed outdoor lighting makes it possible for you to share the tranquility of this “other” garden with family and friends. And if the weather isn’t nice, you can still enjoy beautiful views from indoors.

From the standpoint of aesthetics, outdoor lighting can accentuate some of your most beautiful landscape features after dark. Artfully lighting trees can reveal the beauty of their limb structure, or shoot dramatic patterns of light and shadow through a cluster of foliage. This might also involve the trimming of tree branches to achieve the desired effect. If you’re considering making these enhancements, don’t hesitate to explore this content.

Landscape lighting ensures that you and your guests enjoy your outdoor spaces safely—especially guests who aren’t familiar with the layout of your yard. A well-planned lighting system will guide them along pathways, through steps, and over changes in topography. If you need to have tree removed or trimmed, see Rich’s Tree Service here. And finally, specialized security lighting can unpleasantly surprise intruders who would prefer not be caught in the center of a spotlight.

So why do we light landscapes? Simply, we know from experience that a thoughtfully designed lighting installation will transform your night garden into a gathering place where you will make family memories that last a lifetime. That’s why!

Coastal Source also offers a number of modulus and bullet speakers to reinforce the sound from the Coastal Source Outdoor Sound Systems, while blending in seamlessly with your outdoor lighting, to create an effect that no one else can.

Feel free to click the link above, to check out Coastal Source’s website, and then give us a call @ 410-878-2448, or send us an email @ [email protected] today for your FREE in home consultation and Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting demo if you live in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.

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