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At Shore Home Solutions we love taking pride in our work, and while we are more than happy to install a couple of rock speakers at your pool or a pair of outdoor speakers on your deck, we have the capability to give you so much more.  Shore Home Solutions is extremely proud to offer outdoor sound systems from Coastal Source, the manufacturers of the best outdoor sound systems in the world, as well as the manufacturer of the finest in outdoor lighting.

Coastal Source Outdoor Sound Systems

The Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollard is a 3-Way In/Above Ground Bi-Amplified Full Range Speaker with an 8” Subwoofer. This elegant speaker is designed for use in direct burial applications, where directional sound is desired with simplistic contemporary style. It has an incredibly large driver area compared to conventional outdoor speakers offering much higher performance, higher efficiency, higher fidelity & less compromise. The extra large enclosure size allows for this to be a completely full-range speaker. Installation flexibility in many forms for above-ground or in-ground applications. This 3-Way Bollard features high quality materials and construction, built to completely Defy the Elements™.  These speakers sound absolutely incredible, and we would be happy to come out to your property, to demo these speakers for you on-site, so that you can see exactly how they’ll look, and how they’ll sound, in the exact environment that they’ll be installed in. No “demo room” tricks here, when you are selling a product that sounds this good, you don’t need them! The best thing you can make use of is 3d product visualization or 3d visualisierung!

The combination of the Coastal source 2-Way Ellipse Bollard, along with the Coastal Source Bollard Subwoofer, also offers incredible sound, at a lower price point. All Bollard models offer very high-performance sound in a simple and clean style that blends well with all outdoor environments. Like all Coastal Source systems, the Bollard line incorporates our patented Plug+Play cabling system that ensures superior performance, reliability, and speed of installation. Poor quality connections, out of phase polarities and shorted connections are a thing of the past. 

The Coastal Source Bollard Subwoofer’s sleek design, can be easily hidden within a landscape yet looks great when installed out in the open. It has a large driver area compared to conventional outdoor speakers, which offers higher performance, higher efficiency, higher fidelity & less compromise. Installation flexibility in many forms for above-ground or in-ground applications. The Bollard features high quality materials and construction built to Defy the Elements™. Coastal Source also offers a number of modulus and bullet speakers to reinforce the sound from the main speakers, without damaging the look of the outdoor area. They simply blend in with the outdoor lighting and other landscape features, and give you full, wonderful sound throughout your entire outdoor area, without having to blast the sound from two outdoor speakers mounted on your home. Coastal Source systems are completely beyond the standard, and have reset the bar at a level that only Coastal Source has had the ability to reach. Please, copy/paste the following link to see the products available from Coastal Source @  https://www.coastalsource.com/outdoor-audio Then, call Shore Home Solutions at 410-878-2448 or fill out the form below, so that we can schedule an appointment for your FREE in home consultation and demo today, because we would be happy to help you with your outdoor sound system!

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