Smart Home Automation Systems in Maryland

Shore Home Solutions is proud to offer some of the best names in the home automation industry to help make coming home exciting.  Imagine having a touch screen controller or an app on your smartphone or tablet that controls everything in the room from the lighting, to the source playing on your whole-home sound system. Don’t get up to change the room’s temperature or to dim those lights, let us set you up with home automation solutions to do that right from your touch screen remote control, or the FREE app. We can make almost everything in your home controllable from your tablet or smartphone. Control every room in the house or just the theater; we have a solution that fits any need.

We can make your smart home automation system control your drapes, outdoor lighting, garage doors, security systems, camera systems and much more.  Let’s say that for right now, you’d just like to have a system that will control your home theater and your thermostat. Then a year or two later, you decide you would like a whole house sound system and some lighting controls. Shore Home Solutions can accommodate by starting small and building on later using URC systems, which are completely expandable. We can even automate your business, as we have experience installing automation systems at bars and restaurants as well as gyms and country clubs here in Maryland.

Home Automation Solutions in Maryland

We are also proud to offer Radio RA2 lighting control systems from Lutron. These systems are amazing for home automation solutions and don’t require any new wires to run to any of your light switches. We just swap the old light switches out with the new Lutron switches, install a main repeater, log into the system to program the lighting scenes that you would like and you’re done. They work very well and are extremely reliable.

As with our AV equipment, we also back up the manufacturer’s warranty on our automation and lighting control solutions. That means that regardless of whether it’s under warranty for only one year or ten years, if you have any trouble with a product that we sold to you, call us rather than the manufacturer. We will personally come out to repair or replace the bad part, reinstall it and not only will we NOT charge you for the new or repaired part, but we won’t charge you for our time either. After the initial thirty days, most companies would tell you to either call the manufacturer to setup the warranty replacement yourself or would offer to come out to do it for you, but then hand you a bill for the time that they spent repairing or replacing the bad part. That’s just not how Shore Home Solutions does business.

Please feel free to give us a call at 410-878-2448 for your free in-home consultation on smart home automation systems here in Maryland.

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