Theater Room

In the Theater Room, we installed a 77″ Sony OLED TV along with an Anthem MRX-1120 AV receiver and an 11.2 Monitor Audio Surround Sound System. This TV was the perfect size for this room, and the picture quality on these OLED TVs would blow you away. The sound from the Anthem AV receiver paired with these incredible Monitor Audio 3-way surround sound speakers sounded amazing. This is a Dolby Atmos surround sound system which utilizes 7 in-wall or on-wall speakers, along with 4 in-ceiling speakers, and 2 powerful subwoofers. Using wall speakers along with ceiling speakers in the same system really immerses the end user in the movie that they’re watching. This customer was extremely happy with the sound. So much so, that they had us replace all of the existing Polk Audio speakers for the whole house sound system with Monitor audio speakers, which was a huge upgrade and he was truly impressed with the sound quality.

In the one of the family rooms which they labeled the “River Room”, we used a TV lift to hide the TV inside of the cabinet when not in use. When they want to watch TV, they simply hit the Directv button on the universal remote, then the TV lift raises the TV out of the cabinet, the TV and Directv box automatically power on, and they are watching TV and controlling the system with ease using the URC Total Control remote. This gives this room a real “WOW” factor, and makes it seem like a formal living room when the TV is not in use.

These are images of the TVs and speakers from around the home. We sold and installed 7 TVs in this home, along with speakers in 12 zones including 3 outdoor spaces from the pool to the two outdoor entertaining areas. These Monitor Audio speakers sound great. They are 8″ 3-way speakers with a 3.5″ mid-range driver and a 1″ dome tweeter. All of the TVs were top-of-the-line Sony TVs, and the picture quality is top-notch.  The rock speakers by the pool are from a company called Coastal Source and they’re powered by a Stealth Acoustics 250 watt power amplifier. Again, this home sounded incredible and the client was extremely impressed with the quality of everything in this system.

These are pictures of the equipment rack and some of the many touchscreen controllers that we installed for them to control these systems with. They also have hard button LCD screen remotes for the TV rooms. Along with the AV equipment, we also installed a rock solid Luxul wifi network to handle all of the internet traffic along with the system controls. We also ran hard lines and installed a top quality surveillance system manufactured by a company called Lilin, who manufactures the absolute best camera systems on the market. At Shore Home Solutions, we always strive to provide the best products available, because we like to stand behind the products that we sell offering to come out to fix or repair any part that goes bad for FREE while it’s under warranty. We don’t even charge you for our time if we have to come out to replace something that we sold to you while it’s under warranty. No other company offers a service like that!