This client called us back in May of 2017 because he was building a log home in Trappe, MD and needed some help with the sound system, the automation system, and the camera system. This client also needed us to put a quote together for him quickly, as he needed us to pre-wire the home within a couple of weeks. We worked quickly to provide this client with a quote to pre-wire the home for all of the TV locations, camera locations, speaker locations, and any other low-voltage cabling that he needed to have installed.

This client also wanted some sort of hidden television near the fireplace in the family room. First, he considered using a lift mechanism that would lift a piece of art, or a taxidermy mount (with geese/ducks on it), up away from the the fireplace, showing a flat screen TV hidden behind it. This would’ve worked perfectly with the way his fireplace was designed, but he decided against it. Instead, we used a lift mechanism to lift the TV out of the wood box on the left side of the fireplace. This gave him the nice, clean, modern look that he was going for, and we think that it came out very nice as well. When he hits the “Watch TV” button on the remote control, the TV lift raises the TV out of the mantle, the system automatically turns on the equipment needed (TV, Satellite box, Soundbar),  the system puts them all on the proper inputs, and he is watching TV. When he is done, he simply touches the power button, the TV lift retracts and the system turns off. We always say “what good is technology that you have no control over”? We always make sure that we not only give our clients the best electronics that their budget will allow, but that they are able to easily control the system with either a remote control, a touchscreen keypad, or an app on their smartphone or tablet.

This client wanted great sound, without going “overkill” and destroying the budget. So, we went with speakers from Definitive Technology, and a whole house sound system from URC. This gave him the ability to easily control the sound system using the FREE app on his phones/tablets, and since we used Definitive Technology speakers, he got great sound in every room as well as outside. We installed multiple zones within the home from the kitchen to the master bedroom, as well as two separate zones of sound outside.

This client also wanted to be able to keep an eye on this property when he wasn’t home. So, we installed a full HD surveillance system using cameras with motorized zoom lenses, and a recorder with easy remote access that allows them to open an app and easily see every camera on the property within seconds. Also, with a 2TB hard drive, the recorder holds the continuous recordings for almost four weeks. If anything ever happens, he’ll have a record of it happening, even if it happened weeks ago.

We also installed a great wifi network from Luxul, to ensure that the remote connection to the cameras always works, and that he always has control over the electronics in the home. Because the cameras are connected to the internet, and the automation system works over the wifi, we always have to make sure that the network is as strong as everything else in the house. If you are just using an Alexa or Google Home for your automation and music, you may not need a reliable network. But, when you are using high-end electronics that are operating over the wifi, it just doesn’t make sense to try to save money by not installing a top-of-the-line, cutting edge wireless network. These Luxul networks are exactly that!