Communication is the lifeline of every business. If clients and customers find it difficult to reach you, or you are working with a phone system that is unreliable; it could cause you to lose potential customers and clients for your services and products. Finding the right phone system for you business is a must, in order to create long-lasting success.

There are many options available today when it comes to choosing a suitable phone system; but first there are important factors to consider.

What kind of phone system will you require?

Every business is unique in size and structure. Some businesses require a system that can handle multiple lines and extensions; others may need only one reliable phone line. Your business may be able to utilize an array of features, such as multiple extensions, multiple phone numbers, and multiple voicemail setups. A smaller business may find all of this confusing and overwhelming for employees and will greatly benefit from one basic phone line.

POTS or Digital?

These days, digital phone service is very common. Digital phone service transmits data over data lines or the Internet. This system is significantly different from what is called POTS service, (Plain Old Telephone Service) which is what we all are familiar with. POTS phone service is simplistic, easy to use, and does not require technological experience. Digital service can work just as easily, but will come with some bells and whistles that some customers are not accustomed to using.

The good news is that the prices of POTS and digital phone service installation and use, are comparable to one another. The price may differ by approximately $10-$12 dollars a month. Of course it all depends on what features you add to your business phone system.

Digital systems, or VoIPs as they are called in the industry, can be setup as business or residential phone lines. Popular VoIPs like magicJack and Vonage, are becoming more popular than POTS service in homes today. But beware; a home VoIP system is quite different from a business digital system; so it is imperative that you know what you are looking for.

Direct Connection Digital Lines

Direct connection digital lines are also available in some areas. These digital phone lines go directly from your business location to the digital service provider. Direct connection is more costly, but many businesses choose to pay the cost because direct connection service does not depend on the quality of your Internet service. Basic business VoIp may be sporadic in its speed and sound quality, if your Internet service is not always reliable.

Consider the area in which you are conducting business to decide between a basic VoIP system and a direct connect.

Most good business phone systems are a mix and match of available options and features. This is why consulting with your phone service and technology provider is vital to choosing the right one for your particular business.

It is wise to sit down and consider your needs as a manager or owner; plus the needs of your staff. Will you need phone service at every desk? Will you have a receptionist who will need to be able to transfer calls from one department to another?

After you create your list of requirements for your business, it will be simpler for your consultant to design a system that will successfully work for you and your business needs.