Upgrade Your 1080P AV Systems to the 4K Super Ultra HD

4K Super Ultra High-Definition TVs have made it more fun than ever before to watch movies, sporting events, and other programs. The picture on a 4K TV is absolutely stunning, and it will put your old 1080P AV system to shame. But before you can start enjoying all of the benefits that come along with 4K, you will need to make some serious upgrades.

Check out some of the parts of your home theater system setup that will likely need to be upgraded.

Your TV

This one kind of goes without saying, but if you’re going to set up a 4K super ultra high-definition system in your home, you’ll need to start by purchasing a 4K TV. It will allow you to enjoy the best picture you’ve ever seen.

Your streaming system

Do you currently use cable tv services, a Roku streaming stick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or one of the other streaming systems? Unless you just purchased it, it’s probably not capable of handling 4K. You will need to upgrade to the latest model so that you stream in 4K. You also may need to upgrade your internet as a whole to take advantage of your 4K TV.

Your AV receiver

While some of the newer AV receivers are 4K compatible, there’s a good chance your current one won’t work with a 4K TV if it’s a few years old. Older soundbars won’t work with new 4K TVs, either. To enjoy all the benefits of a 4K system, you will want to make sure your receiver works with your new TV.

Your cables

There are some current HDMI cables that will work just fine with 4K content. But not all HDMI cables can do it. Those cables that are too old or even too long might not be equipped to handle all of the data necessary to keep a 4K system up and running. They will need to be updated before you can get a clear picture on your screen and enjoy shows on your TV.

As you can see, upgrading your 1080P AV system isn’t as easy as just swapping your TV out. You could end up having to change all of your equipment around, but it will be well worth it in the end! Shore Home Solutions can help you make the change and show you how incredible 4K technology can be.