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Problems Caused by Outdated Business Technology

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Technology is a constantly changing field of production. As a business owner, you may think you’ll save time and money by sticking with the systems and tools you already have and know how to operate. However, it’s important to remember that technology improves as it changes! If you don’t keep up with its evolution, it won’t be long before you and your company become obsolete.

Consider the negative impact outdated technology can have on your organization so you can start working with Shore Home Solutions to get your business up-to-date!

Old technology can reflect poorly on customer service.

In the age of two-day shipping and user-friendly apps at your fingertips, your customers don’t want to wait for anything. System crashes and malfunctioning servers lead to dissatisfied customers. When people are frustrated time and time again by slow service and webpages and phone systems that are too difficult to navigate, they won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere.

Surely as a business owner you understand how poor customer service hurts your brand and can give you a negative reputation in the industry. Inferior technology makes it harder for clients to find, order, use, and learn about your products—and consequently far less likely to buy them.

Business costs increase when your systems are outdated.

If you’re avoiding upgrading your technology in an effort to cut costs, you’re actually making things worse for yourself. It’s considerably more expensive to maintain and service outdated technology, as it takes longer and there are fewer companies that still do it. Additionally, older systems are more susceptible to cyber-attacks and physical security breaches that could end up hurting your business—and your profits—big time.

When your employees have to sit around waiting for their tools to work or spend time figuring out how to fix or maneuver old systems, your business is taking a significant financial hit. You essentially end up paying your workers to sit around and stare at spinning rainbow wheels and slow loading access systems.

Obsolete technology hinders office productivity.

The issues that inevitably arise with outdated systems and hardware don’t just eat up money, they waste time as well. Less work gets done when you have to wait for IT support or constantly restart phone and control systems. Technological hiccups interrupt your office work flow and make it difficult to resume tasks with optimal focus. Old systems also run slower and make work more difficult to complete, resulting in less output.

Be proactive about keeping your business modern and technologically efficient. Learn about the commercial services Shore Home Solutions offers to smoothly integrate new technology into your company. Contact us today so you can start seeing positive results before it’s too late!

Benefits of Business Phones

Why Business Phones Are Still Very Relevant

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The internet has made it easy for people to find out information about businesses without having to call them. They can check out a company’s hours, learn about products and services offered by a company, and even troubleshoot issues they might be having with a company without jumping on the phone with someone. They can either use the company’s website or email a company representative to do it.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do away with your business phones if you’re in charge of handling communications for a company. In fact, it’s arguably more important than ever to maintain business phone lines so that people can get in touch with a company when they can’t find what they’re looking for online.

While technology has made it easier than ever for companies to keep in touch with their customers, there is still a large segment of the population that prefers to speak directly to a human on the phone when conducting business.

One Google study actually showed that human interaction is especially important when people are thinking about spending money on a product offered by a company. More than 60 percent of people reported that they will call a business when they’re considering making a purchase rather than attempting to get in touch with someone online.

Part of this is because there is so much that can get lost in translation when you choose to contact someone through email or a live chat rather than speaking with them on the phone. Part of it is also because humans can speak a lot faster than they type. Humans use more than 125 words per minute on the phone in most cases as opposed to just 40 words per minute while typing. That makes it difficult for companies and customers to communicate clearly and get on the same page, which is why many people will just call, not email, from the start to make sure they get all of the information they need.

If your company doesn’t currently have business phones, it’s important for you to change that immediately to give yourself the best chance for success. Shore Home Solutions can perform business phone system installation for you and set you up with the right phone system for your specific type of business. Call us at 410-878-2448 today for more information on how our phone systems can benefit your company!

Hidden Television Solutions

Benefits of Hidden Televisions for Your Business

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There are many companies that need to use televisions from time to time inside their offices for a variety of reasons. Some use them for keeping up with the latest news, while others use them for putting on presentations for clients. But not all companies like the look of having TVs in lobbies, conference rooms, common areas, and more all of the time.

You should know that you can reap the rewards of having TVs without necessarily hanging a bunch of ordinary flat-screens all over your office. Shore Home Solutions can offer you hidden TV solutions for your office space that will allow you to use your TVs when you need them and hide them behind custom artwork when you don’t. Powered by ArtScreen Technology from Vutec, these solutions are perfect for any company that wants to tuck TVs away when they’re not in use.

Check out a few of the benefits of going with hidden TV solutions rather than simply installing regular TVs.

It will make your office space look and feel more professional

Unless you run a media company that needs to have TVs on all the time to keep up with what’s going on in the world, TVs are inevitably going to make your office look less professional than you probably want it to be. With ArtScreen Technology, you can achieve a much more professional look by transforming your TVs into artwork when they aren’t in use.

It will limit the distractions for your employees

Whether you have TVs that are on or not, regular TVs in your office are likely going to serve as an unwelcome distraction for your employees. The temptation to turn them on will always be there. Employees might also start abusing their TV privileges simply because they’re accessible. By displaying artwork on your TVs when they’re not being used, you can limit the distraction they cause.

It will help you set the right mood in your office

Thanks to ArtScreen Technology, you can put just about anything you want on the TVs in your office. You can help brighten up the mood on a cold winter day with a tropical photo or uplift your employees on a busy day with a motivational picture. You will be able to control what shows up on your TVs.

It will impress your clients

Clients who come to see you will know you mean business when you’re using the hidden TV solutions from Shore Home Solutions. They will be blown away when you sit down to show them a presentation on what appears to be a piece of artwork. That alone is worth making an investment in hidden TVs.

To learn more about the ArtScreen Technology and hidden TV solutions offered by Shore Home Solutions, call us at 410-878-2448 today!

Lighting Control System

Benefits of Lighting Control Systems

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Your computer is on a network. You network for your job. But did you know that you can also network the lighting in your house or office? A lighting control system is a networked system of devices for controlling the lights in your home or business. These devices can include occupancy sensors, light control switches, touchscreens and more.

A good lighting control system has a number of benefits:

Save energy, save money

A lighting control system can save energy by automatically turning off or dimming lights based on a variety of factors – whether or not there’s anyone in a room, available daylight, etc. You’ll never have to worry again whether you remembered to turn off the lights after leaving a room. By saving energy, you’re also saving money on your electric bills.

Remote control

A lighting control system lets you turn lights off and on with a simple press of a button. You don’t even have to be home! A free app from Shore Home Solutions will let you control your home or business lighting from wherever you happen to be.

Intruders, beware

Imagine this: you get an alert on your phone from your surveillance system, letting you know that motion has been detected on your property. You use your remote lighting control system to turn on all of the lights in your home and watch the intruder flee!

If you’re ready to install a lighting control system in your home or business, check out Shore Home Solutions. We provide professional and budget-friendly lighting control systems and other home and business solutions. Give us a call at 410-878-2448 to find out more today!