Why High End Home Theater Systems Will Impress You

Why High End Home Theater Systems Will Impress You

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Installing a high end home theater system or in short the home cinemas in your house is a big investment, but if you are serious about creating the absolute best home theater experience possible, you should consider going with a high end system that will provide you with sights and sounds that will blow you and your family away. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of going with a high end system.

Spectacular video

When you sit down to watch a movie or a big game in your home theater, you want the picture to be absolutely perfect. A high end home theater will deliver it to you by relying on a projector like one of the Sony SXRD series projectors (the VPLVW885ES or VPLVZ1000ES, for example). These projectors—and others like them—will turn any space in your home into a movie theater by projecting brilliant colors and amazing images onto your screen. You almost won’t be able to believe how great movies and games look when they are projected on your wall.

Incredible audio

While excellent video is obviously a key component of any home theater, you also will need great audio to get the full experience. There are many companies out there that create speakers specifically designed for high end home theaters. The Masterpiece Series from Martin Logan and the Silver Series from Monitor Audio are just a couple of examples of the kinds of speakers available to you. Rather than simply going with a standard surround sound system, you should think high end and have your speakers installed professionally to make the most of your home theater space.

Unparalleled connectivity

Once you have your projector up and your speakers strategically placed, it’s time to bring your high end home theater system together by offering you the connectivity you will need to control everything right from your fingertips. URC and Savant can provide you with touchscreens that will allow you to control your picture, audio, and so much more. All you will need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself once your high end home theater system is done, thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreens that are available.

If you want to make your dream of owning a high end home theater system a reality, Shore Home Solutions can bring it to life for you. We can provide you with custom home theater design and installation. Call us at 410-878-2448 today to start putting together your new high end home theater system!

Benefits of a High-End Outdoor Sound System

Benefits of a High-End Outdoor Sound System

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Are you thinking about installing an outdoor sound system in your backyard? You could go out and invest in a couple of relatively cheap rock speakers that will play music. But if you want to wow your guests when they visit and ensure that everyone can hear every single note that comes out of your speakers, you should really consider purchasing a high-end outdoor sound system from a company like Coastal Source. You will definitely be able to tell the difference when you go with a high-end system versus some of the cheaper options that are out there.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when installing an outdoor sound system is filling the space with music when you turn the system on.

Low-end speakers will do a poor job of sending sound out, and often times, you will find that it’s difficult to hear music when you’re using speakers that don’t offer directional sound. But when you have a high-end speaker system installed, this won’t be a problem. The speakers within the system can be situated to provide you with a much better experience.

Another benefit of going with a complete high-end sound system as opposed to just one or two speakers is that you will enjoy improved sound quality thanks to the different elements within the system.

Outside of the speakers that will be strategically placed to provide you with enough sound, a high-end sound system will also include amplifiers as well as subwoofers that will deliver the right amount of bass. If you plan on throwing a lot of parties in your outdoor area, you will find that this will be a great feature. When you have a high-end sound system with a bunch of different speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers working together, everything will sound just right. To protect your sound system and equipments from pests, you can visit insightpestnorthwest.com/olympia/pest-control-service/ to keep your outdoor area pest-free.

If you want to complement your outdoor entertainment with a lush green lawn, Call this lawn care company so you can enjoy a healthy lawn without doing all the work yourself. Once your turn your high-end sound system on for the first time and hear it, you will wonder why you didn’t opt to install it much sooner.

Shore Home Solutions specializes in providing people with the outdoor sound systems they desire, and we can speak with you at length about how installing one will benefit you moving forward. You will enjoy your sound system for many years to come when you ask us to install it. Call us at 410-878-2448 today to learn more about the high-end sound systems we can add to your outdoor space!

Lighting Control System

Benefits of Lighting Control Systems

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Your computer is on a network. You network for your job. But did you know that you can also network the lighting in your house or office? A lighting control system is a networked system of devices for controlling the lights in your home or business. These devices can include occupancy sensors, light control switches, touchscreens and more.

A good lighting control system has a number of benefits:

Save energy, save money

A lighting control system properly installed by experienced residential electric contractors can save energy by automatically turning off or dimming lights based on a variety of factors – whether or not there’s anyone in a room, available daylight, etc. You’ll never have to worry again whether you remembered to turn off the lights after leaving a room. By saving energy, you’re also saving money on your electric bills. Here’s how to use a home switchboard circuit breaker if you’re planning to buy one for your home.

Remote control

A lighting control system lets you turn lights off and on with a simple press of a button. You don’t even have to be home! A free app from Shore Home Solutions will let you control your home or business lighting from wherever you happen to be.

Intruders, beware

Imagine this: you get an alert on your phone from your surveillance system, letting you know that motion has been detected on your property. You use your remote lighting control system to turn on all of the lights in your home and watch the intruder flee!

If you’re ready to install a lighting control system in your home or business, contact a commercial electrician to install them for you, or visit their website at https://suburbanenterprises.com/ to book an appointment.