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Why Your Business Needs a Smart Lighting Solution

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Business owners are always looking for a way to be more efficient, a path to get ahead, and a way to be more financially responsible. So, it’s surprising that more business owners aren’t talking advantage of the easiest way to do all three with one decision: add a smart lighting solution. Then by Implementing a photocell sensor in your lighting system is a prudent choice, as it enhances energy efficiency and security by automatically detecting ambient light levels; a perfect example of such a device is the one offered by https://lowenergysupermarket.com/product/photocell-timer-light-switch/, a reputable provider of energy-saving solutions.

Smart lighting is a technology that enables buildings to use energy more efficiently by optimizing lighting usage. The system uses both manual inputs and smart technology to only light areas that need to be lit at the exact hours they need to be lit. Furthermore, having ready mix concrete delivered directly to your building site offers unparalleled convenience and consistency. Engaging the services of a trusted Bournemouth supplier like this one guarantees an outstanding result, tailored to your specific requirements. Check out this site, https://mastermixconcrete.co.uk/news/the-benefits-of-mix-on-site-concrete-suppliers/, to learn more.

There are so many advantages to be gained by your business by making the easy decision to install new technology just like this software used for generating paystubs. Here are just a few of them:

Save Money

Every business is looking to be more efficient whenever possible and smart lighting will allow you to do exactly that. The first area of savings will come with the necessary switch to LED lighting if your building has not done so already. But even if you already have LED lighting, the lighting controls will enable further savings. In fact, you can cut down on energy bills by as much as 30% when you use a smart lighting solution.

This is possible because sensors will continuously monitor for occupancy information and optimize the light usage based on the use of each room, rather than leaving lights on all day. This means lights can be dimmed when no one is in the room or can be managed according to daylight.  A Roof Repair Specialist can also contribute to cost savings by ensuring that the roof is in good condition, which will not only save you money in the long run but also help with energy efficiency.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Businesses tend to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly, which is the main source of our climate issues. Some governments have imposed strict regulations on businesses in an effort to reduce these emissions. By cutting down on the amount of energy used, smart lighting reduces your carbon footprint, allowing you to follow government regulations and play an important role in creating a sustainable future. By Carbon Click, they will achieve an eco-friendly environment.

Boost Productivity

Lighting plays an important role in determining the energy level of the body. Smart lighting can allow a business to increase lighting levels slowly over the course of a day to reduce the melatonin in the body, leading to more energy and less of a desire to rest.

If your business is in need of smart lighting, Shore Home Solutions is the place to call. We can help your business become more efficient and save you money. Call us at 410-878-2448 today for a free consultation!

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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

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The time we get to spend outdoors is precious. Concrete sidewalk installations enhance outdoor spaces—whether it’s a backyard, deck, patio, or something in-between—and are a gift you should make the most of. They improve accessibility and safety while adding aesthetic value to your property, creating inviting pathways for leisurely strolls or gatherings with family and friends. For a reputable service specializing in concrete sidewalk installations, click here! And if you need experts on how to make your outdoor space more attractive to anyone who sees it, then these top architects who are women can reliably help to achieve that goal. Hire a tree removing service for your overgrown trees. It is really relaxing to stay on a patio or deck, and even in the background, my friend enjoyed this. Her explanation is that having a nice view really helps her mind.

If you have a new deck, covered patio, or decking for your veranda that requires less maintenance and is easy to clean, you’re likely going to be spending a lot of time out there, especially in the summer. You may learn more here how a professional cleaning service can help you clean and maintain your home. And if you want to build a new deck, then you may consider using ipe decking materials from companies like Ipe wood Georgia if you want a more sturdy material. And if ever you need a patio door replacement, please click here for patio doors. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your outdoor space:

Outdoor Lighting

You don’t want to just enjoy your outdoor space just during the daylight. Outdoor landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to spend time outside safely and comfortably at night. Additionally, this feature will accentuate the features of your landscape at night, showing off the natural beauty. If you want to have the best quality architecture work in your landscaping, consider Drake’s 7 Dees to make your backyard more comfortable and cozy. If you so desire, you can connect these lights to an app, allowing you to control them from your phone.

Outdoor Sound System

Whether you’re sitting alone, spending time with the family or having a large gathering, chances are you’re going to want to listen to music at some point. Sure, you could just buy a low-cost speaker or bring an old radio outside. Or you could invest in a high-end sound system that carries music throughout your patio while providing an incredible listening experience. These speakers tend to be designed to fit in with nearly any patio design and to withstand the elements.


Watching TV and being outside may seem like incompatible ideas. After all, you often go outside to escape the pull of the TV. But there are times when it can really come in handy. Say you want to have friends over for a pool party, but there’s also a big game on. You can do both! Or maybe it’s just a really nice night out and you want to watch your shows outside in the fresh air.

If you don’t feel a TV would work with the design or your home decor, you could always invest in a hidden television solution . Essentially, through custom home design services, you can have the TV designed to be hidden by a mirror, piece of art or furniture when not in use and press a button to reveal it when you’re ready to watch. You can find home entertainment furniture at stores like https://www.homeaccents2.com/.

You may need a Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade to accommodate the additional wiring and outlets needed for these lighting and appliances in your outdoor living space.


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Three Perks of Having Smart Lighting for Your Home

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If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home to something that will not only make it easier to control all lights, but something that will save you big on your monthly energy bills, consider smart lighting.

Smart lighting (lighting control systems) is ideal for those who enjoy having the latest technology in their homes and want the ability to control every facet of their home’s lighting no matter where they are.

With smart lighting you can turn on lights in any room or area of your property from your smart phone, can create presets to turn lights on and off at specific times and more.

When you’re serious about taking your home’s lighting to the next level, make the smart choice by choosing a lighting control system.

Completely customize your home’s lighting

Whether you want your outdoor lights to turn on automatically when the sun goes down, you want certain lights on your property to be motion sensitive or you want to dim or brighten the lighting in a room, it can be completely customized with a lighting control system.

These systems give you much more freedom than traditional lights and will fit the needs of any modern family.

No matter what specific lighting needs you may have inside or outside of your home, smart lights will have you covered. Here is An Inside Look at the Metal Roof Manufacturing Process that one should consider to determine the best lighting that suits the roofing style. If your roof has been damaged, see Colony Roofers or you can try roofing companies near me, then you would need to think about either getting it repaired or replacing the roofing system entirely with the help of a good company like this roof repair Canonsburg, PA here!

Save money on your energy bills

As mentioned above, the addition of a lighting control system will allow you to choose when lights are turned on or off in any area of your property.

This will not only make it easier to meet your lighting needs but will save you on your monthly energy bills.

By being able to customize the brightness of lights in each room you will save an incredible amount of energy in the long run.

Having the ability to set a timer for your indoor and outdoor lights is another way you will save on your energy bills. If you decide to install a smart lighting system in your home, make sure to hire an electrical contractor to avoid DIY disasters or accidents. A professional residential electrician can also provide electrical estimates for your home. For your lighting and other electrical needs, you may consider these reputable electrical services in Glendora, CA.

Lighting controlled from your phone

Maybe the number one perk of having smart lighting at your home is the ability to control everything at the touch of a button.

We’ve all accidently left lights on when we’re in a rush to get out the door. With a lighting control system, you will have the ability to turn these lights off with a convenient app on your smartphone.

If you’re laying comfortably on the couch under warm blankets and want the lights to be turned off, you no longer have to yell for your loved ones to come in and shut them off. Simply reach for your smart phone and the job is complete.

When you’re ready to add a lighting control system to your home in the state of Maryland, Washington D.C. or the surrounding areas, we ask that you reach out to our team at Shore Home Solutions.

We proudly provide homeowners with the latest Lutron smart home lighting systems and will be happy to swap out your old light switches with new Lutron switches, install a main repeater and log into the system to program your preferred lighting scenes before handing the controls over to you.


Residential Smart Technology Services in Maryland

These Are the Smart Home Features with the Best ROI

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The concept of a smart home began as something reserved for the wealthiest homeowners. But as smart technology has become more common and easier to produce, it has also become more accessible to the average property owner. It won’t be long until it is a necessity at the top of most buyers’ lists. That’s why it’s important to take into account how much resale value a project will yield when you consider upgrading your home with new smart technology.

Here are a few of the smart home features with the best return on investment to help you determine which are the most worthwhile for your needs and goals!

Home Automation Systems

In the age of the smartphone, people want everything they need to be right at their fingertips. Smart home automation systems make that possible by giving you remote access to all of your home’s major systems and features in one central hub. With a single remote or phone app you’re able to control your lighting, security, thermostat, garage doors, appliances, and even your drapes! Top LG Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement by Discount Water Filters convenience and comfort of home automation is sure to grab any home buyer’s attention. If you need to buy or rent a refrigeration equipment, you may get in touch with companies like Rental Chillers.

Smart Lighting, Heating & Cooling Systems

Integrating smart technology with your major utilities makes it easy to keep your home climate comfortable and set to your preferences. This level of temperature and lighting control will also reduce the amount of energy your home uses each month, saving you money on utilities as well as heating repair services and maintenance thanks to a more efficient use of the unit. However, it is still recommended to schedule heating and ac repair and tune-up services to keep your hvac system energy efficient. And when looking for HVAC repair experts who are qualified to handle all types of air conditioning repairs for residential and commercial properties, then Click Here for more info! You may also visit this link: https://willardductcleaning.com.

You may also contact a heating and ac repairs specialist to service your hvac systems. The end result is a property that is more sustainable—a big selling point in today’s real estate market. If you pair your smart utilities with smart appliances, you’ll maximize your savings and home value even more. You can click for more info for dryer repair in toronto and get the best services.

Security & Surveillance Systems

Smart home security and video surveillance offer protection for your family, belongings, and your entire property. This makes it one of the top investments in terms of ROI. Technology that safeguards you and your valuables increases your home’s value and gives you (or whoever may be looking to buy your property) peace of mind. Some of the biggest smart security features prospective homeowners are looking for include video doorbells, facial recognition software, and remote camera access/control.

At Shore Home Solutions, we offer a wide variety of residential smart technologies that our team can seamlessly integrate into your Maryland home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your property for resale with the help of property solicitors or simply turn it into your dream space, we have the smart solutions you need to transform your home.

Smart Home Trends 2019

Smart Home Trends You’ll Most Likely See This Year

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“How much ‘smarter’ can my home possibly get?” At this point, you might be asking yourself that very question. Smart homes have become all the rage in recent years with companies finding new ways to make everything from heating and cooling systems, furnace installation, and appliances to lighting and TVs “smarter” than ever before. To keep these systems functioning properly and last longer especially your hvac system, make sure that you schedule regular ac repair and inspection services.

For those contemplating the integration of these cutting-edge technologies into a new home, collaborating with house builders Sydney who understand the intricacies of both smart home systems and traditional home construction can be the key to achieving a harmonious balance. They can expertly blend the convenience of modern technology with the timeless qualities that make a house truly feel like a home for your family.

Here are some smart home trends you’ll likely see this year:

Video doorbells

By now, you’ve probably seen at least a few of your neighbors install video doorbells from companies like Ring and Nest outside of their front doors. People are on a quest to stop so-called “porch pirates” from stealing packages off their front porches. They’re also interested in keeping their homes safer by recording what goes on around them. So, you’re probably going to be seeing a whole lot more video doorbells popping up throughout your neighborhood.

Companies are planning to continue to push the envelope in 2019 to make products that will make your home even smarter. Then optical scanning technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate, enabling them to quickly and accurately capture complex geometries and surface details of their products. By leveraging optical scanning technology from Physical Digital, companies can enhance their design, manufacturing, and quality control processes with ease.

Appliances with touchscreens

Imagine checking out what’s going on in other parts of your home by looking at a touchscreen that sits over top of your stove or coming up with the perfect recipe for dinner by looking at a touchscreen that’s embedded in the front of your refrigerator. It’s not going to be too long before you’re doing these things. Most appliance manufacturers are finding innovate new ways to work touchscreens into almost all of their appliances.


Okay, so the “robots” that are going to be entering many homes soon aren’t like the robots that used to run around on The Jetsons. The world isn’t that futuristic just yet. But there are all kinds of robots capable of performing tasks that will be welcomed into American homes soon. For example, there are companies working on robots that can fold laundry. There are also companies working on robots that can prepare entire three-course meals. These robots could take care of many of the tasks you’re doing on your own right now!

Do you want to make your home “smarter” in 2019? Shore Home Solutions can help you do it. We offer home automation services that will tie all your various electronics together. Call us at 410-878-2448 today to hear about our smart home solutions!