Home Automation, Home Theater, and Distributed Audio Systems in Trappe, MD.

This homeowner called us not long after he bought this home. He was going to be doing some remodeling, and thought that this would be the perfect time to add a home theater in the basement, a whole home sound system, a home automation system, a camera system, an intercom system with a doorbell, as well as flat screen TVs in multiple rooms.

We came in and worked closely with his builder to ensure that everything from the pre-wire to the final installation, went as smooth as possible. We installed an 80″ LED TV in the basement along with a great sounding in-wall surround sound system with an in wall subwoofer. We also installed a hidden television using a Vutec Artscreen system along with a surround sound system in the family room. These art screens are amazing, with their beautiful frame styles and a plethora of art choices, they had no problem finding the perfect frame,  and a beautiful painting to go along with it.

We used a URC Total Control sound/automation system to power the whole house sound system as well as to control everything in the home from the lights to the drapes. When he hits “Watch TV” on his remote in the family room, the TV turns on, the AV receiver turns on, the Directv box turns on, everything goes to the proper input, the Vutec Artscreen rolls up inside of the frame exposing that beautiful flatscreen TV, and he is watching TV with the touch of that one button.

In the basement, he has the same control using a separate remote. He also has access to the system through the very intuitive and FREE app from URC. Meaning that anything that he can do from either of the two remotes, or the two wall mounted touchscreen controllers, he can also do with the FREE app on his phone and tablet. After all, what good is technology that you have no control of? We always make sure that you don’t just have a great TV and an amazing sound system, but we ensure that you have the ability to easily control all of the technology that we have delivered.

This client ended up calling us back out when he wanted to enclose his patio on the back of the house to create a wonderful, covered, outdoor entertaining area. He wanted great sound, an intercom unit so that the doorbell would ring out there, as well as the ability to know when someone was coming down the driveway. So, we installed a new chime that is connected to the driveway alert system that will tell him whenever someone comes down his driveway, as well as an intercom unit that has power swtiches next to it that allow him to power down the outdoor intercom as well as the doorbell unit, so that they don’t chime when no one is out there.

At Shore Home Solutions, our goal is to make every customer, a repeat customer. We want to hear from you now, and ten years from now when you’re ready for the latest and greatest system available. We know that if we treat you right now, we will hear from you later.

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