This client was referred to us by another happy customer. He had purchased an older house on the water in Oxford, and he was going to be gutting the home, and remodeling it all. This was the perfect time for us to come in to pre-wire the home, and to install all of the home entertainment and automation systems that would make this home wonderful to come home to, and a breeze to control.

In the family room, he wanted a theater room, but he didn’t want to dedicate an entire room to it. So, we had the solution for him. We recessed a 119″ electric movie screen into the ceiling, installed a JVC 4K Ultra HD projector, mounted a 60″ Sony XBR LED TV to the wall, installed a great sounding Speakercraft in-wall/ceiling 7.1 channel surround sound system, and set him up with a great URC remote control to control it all with. When he wants to watch a movie on the theater screen, he hits a button on the remote, and the screen drops down out of the ceiling in front of the wall mounted TV, the AV receiver turns on, the projector turns on, everything goes to the proper inputs, and he is watching a movie with the touch of that one button. If he wants to watch the news on the television, he hits a different button on the remote, and everything turns on and goes to the proper inputs, and he is watching TV. This room also sounds amazing with a very powerful Onkyo AV receiver and Speakercraft pivoting in-wall/ceiling speakers. When watching a movie on the projector and motorized movie screen, it’s even better than being at the movie theater, because he is in the comfort of his own home.

Keep in mind that when I took these pictures, he was still in the process of finding the right glazing tools and hadn’t installed his window treatments yet, so it’s hard to see the screen. But, when the window treatments got installed, he was able to use both of these systems during the day, or at night. We have done this in a few different homes and people really love it. It keeps you from needing a dedicated theater room, but allows you to watch a movie in your own home theater, whenever you’d like.

We also installed a URC Total Control sound/automation system here. He has six different zones, powering indoor and outdoor speakers. These URC systems sound amazing. With 50 watts RMS out of each channel, they have double the power of most distributed audio systems. They also make controlling the systems a breeze from one of the remotes, or the FREE URC Mobile App. From thermostats to lights and drapes, we can control anything with one touch with these URC Total Control Systems.

This client doesn’t live in this house full time, so he wanted to be able to see what was going on when he wasn’t there. We installed six high definition surveillance cameras around the property, and installed a high definition recorder with the ability to store footage for 4-5 weeks. He has remote access to this system from ANYWHERE using the free app or computer software. There are a lot of security companies selling inferior products, for roughly the same amount of money that we sell these systems for. They also don’t help you get remote access to your system. At Shore Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every system that we sell is “turn key”. Meaning that our job isn’t complete until you have all of the control that you should have over your systems, including remote access to your camera and automation systems.

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