Waterman’s Seafood Co. in West Ocean City, MD

Waterman’s Seafood Restaurant was badly damaged in a fire in 2012.  When it came time to rebuild, they asked us to help them with the AV and security solutions.  We were more than happy to be a part of this project.  We ended up pre-wiring the entire building for cameras, TVs, satellite systems, and data cabling for the POS systems. We also ended up selling them a 48 channel surveillance system, a total of 9 flat screen LED HDTVs (two 70″ Sharp Aquos TVs, two 60″ Sharp Aquos TVs, four 47″ LG commercial displays with digital signage, and a 55″ LG commercial display at the downstairs bar also with digital signage), a commercial rack system to house all of their technology systems, and a wifi based remote control system that controls all of these TVs individually from anywhere in the building.  The bartender doesn’t have to walk to each TV or push buttons on the satellite receivers and TVs to change channels or adjust the volume. As with all of our installations, you can’t see one wire or cable at any of these TVs or camera locations.

They used two 47″ LED TVs as the menu boards at the fresh seafood market, which allows them to update all of the market seafood prices instantly, over the WiFi network, from the comfort of the office.  No more chalk boards or dealing with printing new signs all the time.  In the bar, they can add drink specials or advertisements around the border of the TVs while still showing live TV. The best part is the ease of use with these systems. We always say, “what good is technology that you have no control of?”