Multiple systems for a weekend home in Queesnstown, MD as well as at the main home in Bethesda, MD

When we heard from this customer for the first time in August of 2014, he had an outdated system, and was ready for a new TV and surround sound system in his weekend home in Queenstown, MD. So, we installed a very nice 60″ Sony XBR LED TV along with a wonderful sounding Speakercraft in-wall surround sound system. He currently had a Bose surround sound system with those awful cube speakers mounted to the wall with brackets. We removed the Bose cubes, cut the drywall to allow for the in wall speakers in the front and the back of the room, and installed great sounding, pivoting in-wall surround sound speakers. Not only did that make this room sound SO much better, but the end result was much more appealing to the eye, without having those awful Bose speakers mounted to the walls.

We also replaced the whole house sound system (amplifiers and controls but not the speakers) to give him a great sounding system, that could easily be controlled from anywhere on his property, using the FREE URC Mobile app. No matter where he is, he just pulls out his phone, opens an app, touches the room that he would like to control, and then chooses the activity that he would like to start whether it’s “Watch TV” or “Listen to Pandora”. We also installed three thermostats and gave him the ability to control these systems from ANYWHERE using his iPhone or iPad. He simply opens the app when he’s on the way to his weekend home, turns the temperature up or down, and by the time he arrives the temperature in the home is perfect. He could even hit “Watch TV” and have the Directv and the surround sound system on and running when he walks through the door. Why wait if you don’t have to?

A year or two later, he was adding an outdoor entertaining area outside near his pool. He called us in for the sound system and the controls that he knew he needed. We installed four weatherproof outdoor speakers using 8″ 3-way speakers for the front channels to ensure that he would have full range, and 6.5″ 2-way speakers in the rear. This is all powered by the URC amplifier and easily controlled by his FREE app. On the outside of the home, he already had Bose outdoor speakers that came with the house. This system sounds way better, and probably didn’t cost much more than the Bose speakers that were already on the house.

Then, in 2016 he decided to update the systems at his main home in Bethesda. He was so pleased with the work that we had done at the weekend home, that he asked us to come out to help with this project as well. We were happy to be asked, and even more pleased with the results of this system. We replaced the current Control4 system (that had never worked right from the beginning) with the same URC Total Control System that he had in Queenstown. We also installed an LG 65″ 4K Super UHD OLED TV in the family room, replacing his older Panasonic Plasma. The speakers that he already had were great speakers so we didn’t suggest replacing them, but we did have to replace the old AV receiver with a new Onkyo 9.2 channel AV receiver, to ensure that all of his content would be displayed using the latest and greatest technology available. We added speakers to the distributed audio system in his master bathroom and tied all of the other existing zones into the URC system.

Now, this client has the same great control over his main home that he has over his weekend home and he couldn’t be happier. The sound system works like it’s supposed to (which it never did before with the Control4 system), he has a TV with the best picture he’s ever seen, and a sound system that has never sounded better thanks to the new AV receiver from Onkyo, and the new amplifier from URC.

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