When setting up a wireless network, most people opt to run out to the store to purchase a router. And while this used to be an acceptable way to create a wireless network, the truth is that you should go with a commercial grade wireless network these days to keep all of your devices connected. There are many benefits to going with a high-end wireless network from manufacturers like Luxul and Ruckus. Let’s take a look at some of them.

It will allow you to connect more devices

Even if you only have a few people living in your home or working in your business, there’s a good chance that you have quite a few devices that will need to be connected. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, there are often dozens of devices in a single household. The average router won’t be able to handle all of them at once, but a commercial grade wireless network will have no problem connecting all of them.

It will deliver the speed you are looking for

In addition to keeping all of your devices connected, a commercial grade wireless network will also provide you with the speed you need to search the Web, watch videos online, and more. It’s one thing to simply connect your device, but it’s another to allow everyone in your home or small business to use their devices at the same time without suffering from lag. With a commercial grade wireless network, that won’t be a problem at all.

It will keep your network secure

Outside of providing you with connectivity and speed, a commercial grade wireless network also needs to protect your valuable information. Wireless options from Luxul and Ruckus will protect you and prevent breaches. You won’t have to worry about security issues when you have a commercial grade wireless networks installed by professionals.

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