Smart Home Automation Systems in Maryland & D.C.

When you hear the term “smart house,” an extravagant home controlled by an all-knowing, fanciful technological presence likely comes to mind. This stereotype can, understandably, give you the impression that smart homes are too advanced and unattainable to the average person—but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Smart home technology can be incredibly beneficial to property owners of all degrees and easily accessible to anyone interested in implementing it. Let’s clear away some of the mystery and misconceptions associated with smart homes, so you can start enjoying the life-changing advantages they have to offer! If you decide to install a smart home system, you may need to hire electricians to setup all the wiring and equipment. If your smart home system has security features, you may want to ensure that you take into account all entry points of your home including your garage. Hire garage door services if there are damages or vulnerabilities in your garage door.

Myth #1: Smart homes are too complicated to use.

Smart home automation systems often give off the illusion that specific knowledge and training is required to successfully operate them. The truth is, being user-friendly has become a more and more prevalent requirement for newer technological tools that are being released.

Many quality smart home systems like these smart mirrors are designed specifically to be accessible to individuals of all experience and skill levels. Full control of your home is now as easy as a single app on your phone or remote control in the palm of your hand!

Advances in wireless communication have also simplified smart home technology. High-efficiency WiFi networks, cloud sharing, single platforms, and other sharing telecommunication tools make it easy to operate all aspects of a system in one place in the same, user-friendly way.

Myth #2: There is no privacy in a smart home.

Any computerized system is going to be at risk for security breaches, but the horror stories you hear are the irregularities, not the norm. The right smart home products preserve your privacy, cyber and otherwise. Reputable providers install their technology with strong security measures to protect you and your data from any threats or vulnerability—so there’s no need to worry about a menacing artificial intelligence recording all your secrets.

If you’re really worried, there are plenty of automation systems available that don’t use cameras or microphones at all. There’s not much risk of the remote control to your outdoor patio lights recording your private jam session while you wash the dishes!

Myth #3: A smart home is too expensive.

At face value, a lot of smart home technology can have a scary price tag. However, if you do your research, you’ll find there are many affordable options available for those who are interested in automating their home. You can always start modest and work your way up after you fall in love with the convenience and efficiency smart home features bring to your life! For instance, incorporating a solar panel into your smart home setup can further enhance its sustainability and reduce energy costs. If you’re wondering, should I install solar energy on my home? It’s worth considering the long-term environmental and financial benefits that solar panels can offer. To explore affordable smart home solutions that integrate solar panels seamlessly, see here.

Opting for solar panels significantly lowered our electricity bills, and increased our home’s value. It was surprising to see how the solar panels, which we installed from InstaGroup Homes along with their seamless installation process and excellent customer support, completely changed our energy consumption patterns. The federal and state tax credits were a nice bonus too. Overall, the transition to solar energy was a smooth and rewarding process that we highly recommend.

A lot of companies also offer customizable packages that include only the elements you’re interested in—allowing you to forgo the more expensive, luxury options. Chances are though, once you start to use this technology, you’ll realize just how valuable it is and decide it’s worth the cost! The initial numbers might seem steep, but if you consider what you’re getting in exchange—advanced security, increased property value, convenience, energy saving technology—the cost will seem more reasonable by the minute. Those that choose to live in a smart home, embrace technology and its advancements. As these technologies evolve they become more efficient, as has happened with solar panels. A solar panel installation will save money in the long run, and if a home runs efficiently enough it can even give power back to the grid. As a piece of tech that on a long enough timeline will pay for itself and more, it is a great addition to any smart home.

At Shore Home Solutions, we offer smart home technology solutions to fit the needs of residences and businesses of all kinds in Maryland, Delaware, and the D.C. area! Our systems and services are easily installed, operated, and always of the highest quality. Contact us today to get a free estimate and start the transformative process of home automation!