3 Fun Hidden TV Ideas

By October 29, 2021Hidden TV
Hidden TV In Bedroom

Whether it be at home or the office, the addition of a hidden TV can add class and sophistication to your space.

These TVs will be discreetly stowed away and can appear at the push of a button for you to get hours of enjoyment whenever you desire.

Thanks in part to advances in technology and the desire to have a less cluttered space, more and more people are adding these TVs.

No matter if it be behind a piece of artwork, a mirror, cabinet or any other location, you’ll be sure to enjoy this technology and the comments you’ll receive from visitors and customers alike.

As homeowners and businesses embrace this trend, they may encounter instances where drywall adjustments are necessary to accommodate the installation process seamlessly.

In such cases, enlisting the assistance of professionals like those from Drywall Repair in Forest, VA, becomes invaluable. These experts possess the expertise to handle any drywall-related issues that may arise during the installation of hidden TVs, ensuring a flawless finish to complement the sophistication of the technology.

Hide your TV behind artwork

One of the most interesting and innovative hidden TV ideas is behind a piece of art.

You may be wondering how this works, but it is a rather simple operation where a piece of art is displayed in front of the TV when not in use. When you’re ready to watch, you simply push a button and the art will roll up behind the TV. When you are done watching, push the button again and the artwork will roll back down.

These pieces are great for elegant homes, main lobbies of businesses, conference rooms and more.

Hide your TV behind a mirror

Another great way to disguise a TV is with a mirror.

This works by having a semi-transparent mirror with an LCD TV behind it. The mirror is polarized to allow an image to transfer through it when a button is pushed.

These TVs come in a variety of glasses and frames to meet your needs and will be sure to add style to homes and offices alike.

Hide your TV behind a cabinet

While TVs that are hidden behind artwork and mirrors are certainly on the cutting edge, you can still go with an old favorite.

For years, people have been placing televisions in cabinets, which can be custom built to match the design of your space. Cabinet painting is another option that can give your TV cabinet a fresh, updated look. You can find professional cabinet painting services at https://www.europaintinginc.com/cabinet-painting/.

These cabinets feature a motorized lift and can open at the push of a button for your viewing pleasure.

These offer a clean, sleek look and go great in homes, hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants and more.

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